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Pspice schematic

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    In my schematic, i have vdc = 10v, a resitor,ground and a capcitor. All 3 are in series except ground. When I run simulation, I get a straight line at 10v instead of a curve from 0 to 10v. I put the voltage probe between resistor and cap btw.
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    You're probably doing a bias-point simulation instead of a transient simulation. You might also want to try using a step source instead of VDC source.

    - Warren
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    i'm pretty sure i'm doing a transient simulation cuz in the sim profile it says so.

    Is it necessary to use a step source instead of vdc? On my worksheet that my teach gave me, it shows vdc.
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    Dc is okay , but the program may calc the initial bias point which may be the same as your final. ( skip this if you can ) . other wise use a step dc. or a switch . Make sure you time step is small enough so it makes sense . Pspice is almost always correct but the setup is usually the problem. Ray.
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    time scale

    I think rayjohn may be on to somehting there - make sure your time scale is small enough.

    For instance, if your circuit has a time constant of 10us and you simulate it for 10s, the response over the full simulation time will likely look like a steady 10V.
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