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For my Science Club I have an idea for an experiment, and I just wanted to know what you think of it. For 15 minutes an meeting I will say the word cat over and over again, and my friend will say moo moo after each cat. At the end of the year I am hoping that without my friend thinking, when I say cat he will say moo moo. I think this will work, saying moo moo after cat will eventually turn into a habit.


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Your experiment will probably work, at least on some of them. My roomates used to listen to a song (don't remember the name) and when it said "oh my god" it replied "Danger". So we had this game, when he heared "oh my god" we had to be the first one to replied "Danger" the same way in it was say in the song(No cable TV, lots of free time and beer make you invented really weird game :wink: ). I still have the reflex to say "Danger" when I hear "oh my God!"

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