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[Psychology] What do these two personalities indicate?

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    Here are two cases:

    1- A person is a writer. He writes on issues in an aggressive manner and an arrogant tone. But in his personal life, he's quite a shy and introvert kind of guy. What does this indicate?

    2- Another person is a writer. In his personal life he talks big and is rather arrogant, but he writes very polite and rather romantic stuff. What does this indicate?

    Any authentic help would be appreciated.
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    It would seem like two different factors:

    Impuslive behavior vs. intellectual behavior (i.e. in person, the individual is more impulsive, but in writing, they have time to edit and organize their thoughts before publishing)

    Braveness vs. Cowardice (i.e. people are more rude in writing because they're not facing you eye-to-eye so they're less inhibited)

    So you're 1) may be a coward and you're 2) may have issues with impulse control.
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    1. Sociopath
    2. Hippy
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    I would have to point out the dynamic of compensation.

    When we have a developement in one range we often try to develope others *even* if they are matters of attitude.

    Writer 1 indicates an outlet where he is acting out his ego through the medium of language. The shy demeanor often translates to him having a timid ego and his writing is a form of compensation.

    Writer 2 is a bit more dysfunctional sounding in that he is outspoken and often regretfully so. He can often be abrasive and do things he later regrets; his writing style reflects his awareness or conscience (see big 5 personality traits). In regards to the romanticism possibly it's a correlate to a need that is not conducive to his extraverted character which could be amenable to him feeling the need to be masculine.
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    It indicates nothing.
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    Oh, identify with, much? :biggrin:

    Dont worry Dan, this is a safe place. Just lay back on the couch and tell us about your feelings
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    Haha, you funny,:rofl: and right too. Not so sure about the hippy part, but sociopath? Definitely!
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    You'll have to wait till Sunday =) Same hour and place, the usual suspects :wink:
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    People generally develop their persona in various media through different influences and experiences. The development of a persona in writing may be the result of influences of what kind of texts someone has read and what they want to emulate or achieve based on their reading experiences. The face-to-face interactional 'medium' is different. People are influenced by characters from film, TV, and radio. They are also shaped by responses they get from trying out various communication techniques. Someone who is shy and introverted in person might only be so because he has not been successful in expressing arrogance and aggression face-to-face. He may long to do that in person as well, but avoids doing so out of fear for the risk of consequences in his everyday social relationships. The second person may only talk big and arrogant as part of a show to achieve a certain response in his 'audience." He may be writing in a polite and romantic way to achieve the same effect. It sounds like #1 is a somewhat frustrated individual trying to express his full social energy without negative consequences while #2 is more of a player who has figured out how to perform certain roles in different situations to achieve social approval/interest of others. Probably #1 is closer to realizing his true self, whereas #2 may never do so if he continues to be obsessed with his social representation and what he can achieve with it.
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    I would say they are both insecure.
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