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Homework Help: Pulley, blocks, moment of inertia :S

  1. Nov 4, 2009 #1
    pulley, blocks, moment of inertia.... :S

    Two blocks are connected by a light string passing over a pulley of radius 0.20m and moment of inertia I. The blocks move (towards the right) with an acceleration of 1.00m/s^2 along their frictionless inclines .

    Mass A is on an incline of 32 degrees w.r.t the horizantal. and is 8 kg.
    Mass B is on an incline of 61 degrees w.r.t the hoizantal, and is 10 kg.

    Determine F (Ta), tension in the left part of the string.

    Determine F (Tb), tensino in the right part of the string.

    Find the net torque acting on the pulley. Take clockwise torques as positive.

    Determine its moment of inertia, I/I].

    *Hopefully I've done this right, just registered on this site a couple of minutes ago!

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    Andrew Mason

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    Re: pulley, blocks, moment of inertia.... :S

    Do a free body diagram for each block. Write out an expression for the Tension acting on each block.

    What is the net torque on the pulley (this is an expression in terms of Ta and Tb)?

    What is the acceleration of this system?

    Solve the equations for Ta and Tb.

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