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Pulse transformer/DC reactor design.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to understand the basic design requirements and rules for designing a pulse transformer which includes two secondary coils, one of which acts as a DC reactor.

    Does anyone know of any papers or software or have any experience with such a design?
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    Your question is too general.
    Do you intend to design pulse transformers as a engineer?
    How much time and money do you intend to spend on this project?
    Are you interested in big pulse transformers or small pulse transformers?
    Are you interested in high voltage or low voltage pulse transformers?
    What circuit are you using?

    What is a DC reactor on a pulse transformer? Are you talking about a bias winding?
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    I'm no engineer but I want to learn how to engineer pulse transformers.
    I plan to spend 4-6 hundred.
    I'm looking to design low power high voltage pulse transformers (less than 50
    watts and around 500 volts).
    The pulse transformers I want to design will operate in the audio frequency range.
    I plan on using the transformers to charge capacitors using dc inductive charging. I figure I can make the circuit more cost effective and efficient if I place the secondary and choke/reactor
    coil on the same core.
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    A flyback transformer is similar to what you are describing.
    Would a flyback transformer work in the application you are describing?

    If you operate in the audible sound range, the noise will drive everyone crazy. Girls and young women can hear very high frequencies. You should probably operate at a higher frequency than 22 kilohertz.
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