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Purpose of CSTRs in series (Continually Stirred Tank Reactor)

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    Hi, I am somewhat new to reactor design and processes, and I am wondering what exactly is the purpose of CSTRs in series. I read somewhere that "when high conversions of reactants are needed, several CSTRs in series can be used", but couldn't one also simply use a large volume CSTR if he/she wanted a larger yield? How does being in series increase conversion of reactants?
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    No. The difference is that you are not introducing the reactant stream into the downsteam tanks, only into the first tank in the series. Just do a simple model calculation using two tanks in series, with fresh feed introduced only into the first tank, and compare this with what you get using a single larger tank having the same mean residence time as the two tanks. You will get the idea. To keep things simple, just assume a 1st order decomposition reaction with a single species.

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