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QM - complement for Griffiths

  1. Jul 9, 2014 #1
    I am currently trying to learn quantum physics using David J. Griffiths textbook. However, in chapter 4 and 5 he lost me a little. I would prefer a textbooks that handholds me through solving the PDE's rather than just giving me the solutions.
    The topic of these chapters are:
    QM in three dimensions (Schrodinger equation in spherical coordinates, the hydrogen atom, angular momentum, spin)
    Identical particles (two particle system, atoms, solids, quantum statistical mechanics )

    any tips? Maybe a mathematics or physics textbook to complement this?
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    I actually used Molecular Quantum Mechanics by Atkins as the backup. I liked it so much that soon Griffiths became the backup. :D

    I'd recommend you to go through McQuarrie's or Atkins' books even though they aren't for proper physics grads.
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