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Quadratic Equations and Inequalities question about properties of quadratic

  1. Nov 18, 2007 #1
    [SOLVED] Quadratic Equations and Inequalities question about properties of quadratic

    so here is the question

    graph the function. state the domain and range of the function.


    i try and use the axis of symmetry (-b/2a) and then plug that into the original formula to get the vertex.
    i keep getting F(-3/2)=2

    but then when i try and plug in numbers into the formula there scattered everywhere

    F(-3/2)=2 is the vertex in the graph but i cant find the other points to show where the parabola is going

    i tried -1/2, 0, -2 and got

    please help me out.

    its supposed to be a upside down parabola with a domain of all real number and a range of {y|y<_ 25/8}

    <_ = less than or equal to.
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    Which is correct.

    Your axis of symmetry is, however, x=-3/4.

    The maximum value of F is therefore:
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    ughhhh i put -1 for a not -2
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