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Quantum Experiments Videos

  1. Aug 5, 2009 #1
    I know I just posted a similar topic but I guess you could call this the supertopic. Does anyone know of videos (either on youtube or elsewhere) that actually do an experimental demonstration of something quantum mechanical (i.e. impossible to explain classically) OTHER THEN THE DOUBLE SLIT EXPERIMENT? I'm looking for actual experimental footage (or atleast footage of actual experimental results). No CGI or simulations. Ideally if the videos also had a discussion of what exactly is going on that'd be great (although I can probably figure it out if it doesn't).

    You'd think there'd be a lot of such videos but I can't find any. Anywho, thanks very much for any links.
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    I'd settle for experimental review papers that don't go to deeply into the minutae of building the experimental apparatus.
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    Experiments with superconductivity are always fun. Try looking for the Meissner effect - there are a couple of demonstrations you can pull of with this trick (floating magnets, floating superconductors, "picking up" a superconductor using a magnet).

    Also quantummechanical, yet a bit boring, is the visualization of spectral lines - this shows the quantum nature of the emission spectrum of atoms.

    A very simple way of visualizing what is ment by "quantum" you can also look up a video of a vibrating string, with two ends attached.

    I'm sure these experiments are performed online somewhere.
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    I was kinda hoping for something more along the lines of the diffraction grating experiment discussed in Feynman's QED or the likes. Something simple and visual and entirely indescribable classically. Like Young's double slit or stern-gerlach (with electrons). I guess I'm looking for a video which shows a result which is very easy to see why this should be impossible classically and is very visual in nature. I know this may be a tall order but the diffraction grating experiment in QED seems perfect if it is actually performable (point a laser near but not AT a diffraction grating and you will still see diffraction effects).
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    I'd like to see a video of a photon going through all possible paths at once. Would make for a pretty decent video.
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    Look up stuff on superfluid 4He. There's some cool videos on youtube.
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    But once again that's a demonstration that coherent quantums states can exist macroscopically. Which is much more difficult to explain to a layman.
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    That's what I'm saying, path integral approaches to QM suggest that one could do the experiment Feynman descibes. So why can't I find such a thing?
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    I was joking. Are you sure you want an animated video that shows the whole unverse?

    Edit: That was a loaded question, as we don't know what the whole universe is quantum mechanically. You could draw a line and claim this is the Universe described by QM. If you could prove that all experiments do not contradict your theory, this quantum interpretation may even be accepted.
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    Oh. I didn't take your post to mean the whole universe.
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    No need to joke...you can represent even an infinite spacetime on a finite piece of paper: Roger Penrose has shown how to use clever mathematical means to squeeze infinite spacetime into a finite area...it's called a Penrose Diagram, used by theoretical physicsts, but I think it's classicaly oriented....
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