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Quantum Teleportation / Beam Splitters

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    In regards to this image - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v608/steviet/image2.jpg: [Broken]

    (a) when K is 45 degrees, when K reflects and E1 reflects, or K transmits and E1 transmits - the state of K gets teleported to E2.
    Photons E1 and E2 are entangled as |HV>-|VH>. Therefore if E2 is 45, then E1 is 135.

    Would the above result be the same if instead we use a PBS?

    (b) Perhaps would the teleportation experiment work if photon K was H polarised (or V polarised)? But then it would be a matter of a H polarised photon always transmitting, and ½ probability of E1 transmitting? Not sure if teleportation would work in that instance. Then if E2 acquired H polarisation, then E1 would be V polarised – and I’m not sure whether things would need to be backward compatible: K transmitting (being H), E1 reflecting (if it becomes V polarised).

    In regards to this image - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v608/steviet/scan0001.jpg

    I was wondering whether what I have in the image is correct? Or for the 2nd BS image, sending the photon on that angle the reflected photon is H (rather than V)?

    And if you send that reflected (or transmitted) photon to the wave plate then measure with a PBS, which one - of V or H – would we get to indicate 45 or 135 polarisation?

    Is it possible to rotate a PBS to measure along other bases rather than just H/V, or rotating the PBS still measures only in H/V (rather than 45/135)?
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