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Question about fluid mechanics

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    Hi, I am trying to work with the problem of keeping a solid body at equilibrium over an orifice.

    To see what I mean ( not necessarily a sphere could be a cube or something like that as well ) please look at the image I have attached.

    I am trying to work with the sphere case first and then move on to the case of cube and cylinder. In case of cylinder I am going to be working with the variables and solving for the fraction of the height I can keep outside. Also outside pressure is assumed to be atmospheric pressure and viscosity negligible. The rectangles at the bottom represent container walls.

    I am not sure how to progress here, however. Does the problem even have a solution at all ? My basic issue lies with the part of the sphere outside the vessel as the part inside experiences an easily calculable force of buoyancy. However I am not sure how to progress after this. Have I taken too few variables and made the problem unsolvable by any chance ? Would it help me to examine some other geometric figure first as a learning precedent ?

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