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Question about the fabric of space

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    Forewarned, i'm super layman.

    Anyways, I've been wondering this all day from the thought of liquids needing less heat to boil under less atmosphere. Don't panic, i haven't JUST learned this, it just has provoked a thought.

    Is space expanding because of the momentum brought by the big bang, like a balloon being filled up with gas or liquid? Or is it expanding as if you poked a pin in that balloon and the hole grows bigger, from that pin point ,without control.
    Is it possible that matter and space is like pudding on a flat tabletop, you pore it on the table and it will eventually flatten out fully and stagnate in movement.
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    Without a deeper understanding and knowledge of cosmology one must be very careful in the use of analogies. You may benefit from reading the balloon analogy sticky in the cosmology forum (the first thread, top of the page).
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    try this:

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    Thank you, phinds.
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