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Question concerning the origin on the big bang

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    from my understanding,the current understanding of the big bang is a small space packed with immense amounts of particals that " exploded " and in turn created the universe and everything in it.The big question, again from my understanding, is where did all of this material come from in the first place ? This to me sounds like a blakchole that simply " broke " through spacetime fabric will all of its contents,and spewed everything into our own universe. I believe from what i read concerning this, is that before the bang, there were denisties and energy that were emourmous, only comparable to the contents of a black hole. When the BH sucks in all around it, it all has to go somewhere. so perhaps it simply starts to fill up, and finally reaches a breaking point?

    A good comparision would be the following :

    imagine a very stong papertowl that is as big as a football field. you start to add water to it , in the center and keep adding water to it. eventually the towl would breaks at the center and the result is the water spewing everywhere beneath it. the towel is spacetime and the water is all of the material sucked in by the black hole .

    Is there any research on this currently ? I am not in the physics or math fields, its just a passion of mine.

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    I would prefer to say that the universe expanded, rather than "exploded". There wasn't any boundary enclosing the particles that travelled outwards or ruptured or anything; the universe was always filled with matter/radiation everywhere in space.

    We don't know.

    There are ideas in which the singularity of a black hole produces a new universe, separate from the one in which the black hole existed. But this idea is not particularly well developed, and there are many other theories.

    (You should note, however, that just because the early universe was very dense, does not imply that it must have been a black hole at one time.)

    A black hole cannot "rupture" and let out what is inside of it into the surrounding space. The ideas in which black holes produce Big Bangs have the new universe be contained within the black hole.
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