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    I am correct by this thought? Since their are 11 Dimensions. Does that mean that they can be 11 of myself that took different paths in life or death?

    Like one of me is a cop and the other a CEO and so on?
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    Think of it this way - we 'live' in a 3-dimensional universe but there aren't 3 of you out there :) Think of the 'dimensions' similar to those in the cartesian graphing system - not like the zombie dimension from Half Life or something.
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    Not to be nitpicky but....

    We live in a 4-d universe(based on realitivity)
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    But M-theory, which is a string/brane theory of fundamental physics, lives in 11 dimensions, so IF M-theory is the true picture of physics, the we live in 11 dimensions, of which 7 cannot be seen, perhaps because they are curled up into tiny spaces. Our four dimensional spacetime is then the part of the 11 dimensions that didn't curl up.

    Dr. Kaku's book Hyperspace and Brian Green's book The Elegant Universe dicuss these matters.
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    At any given time one of me is a tall guy... another is living as a wide guy... and my third persona is a thick guy...
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    Agreed, I've read much about string theory...
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