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Question on pressure

  1. Apr 27, 2009 #1
    This is just a question I have been wondering about.

    From what I understand, the pressure of a liquid, no matter the shape of the container, is dependent only on height.

    So, the scenario I am wondering, is:

    Say I can breath underwater, and I seal myself up into a tank of ~100 gallons, so that I can fit into it (keep in mind, completely sealed, no air gaps). Now, someone cuts a tiny hole on top, say the size of a straw, and attaches a 30 foot tall straw that won't break to the hole. If they now fill that straw up all the way, will I feel like I am under 30 additional feet of water?

    And, if so, would the same scenario hold similar results?

    I seal myself up into an Olympic sized swimming pool. I float on the far right ride, but someone cuts a hole and adds a 100 foot straw to the left side and fills it. Do I really feel an additional 100 feet of pressure on the other side of the pool again?

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    it is aptly correct that if proper vacuum is obtained and a straw of large length is filled with water then you would feel immense pressure just because of the height of the water column and the atmospheric pressure above it.it sounds a bit weird to the new learners but few experiments on variation of pressure of liquid with height confirm it.if you request further i would be able to give u list of some experiments and procedures of carrying out them in your home.
  4. Apr 27, 2009 #3
    yeah, if you could, i think some of those experiments would be nice/fun :)

    thanks for the answer and the verification
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