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Questions about motors (practical tests)

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Problem Statement
Questions about motors (practical tests)
Relevant Equations
synchronous/induction motors
Problem Statement: Questions about motors (practical tests)
Relevant Equations: synchronous/induction motors

Hey guys,

Some practical questions about motors :)

Let's admit I have to test one stator winding phase (in high voltage, we test one at the time). During this test what do you do with the others phase ? We let them open right ?

I have to test a 3 phase machine by applying 12kV DC and AC for 10min.

The more dangerous test to the winding is the DC right ? I don't remember why ...

When you finish these tests you remove the test leads. What is the most dangerous for the operator ? Is it to open leads after AC or DC testing ?

I think to open leads after AC testing is the more dangerous.

I have also to suggest some security procedures to make it the safer. I don't have any idea for this ... I think maybe to put thick cables for the safety ground right ?

Thaksfor the help !
Nobody has an idea ? :)
According to EPRI Power Plant Electrical Reference Series Vol. 6 chapter 6.8. Winding Insulation. Insulation Testing:

That means you have to apply the voltage on all stator windings simultaneously.
Xaras said:I have also to suggest some security procedures to make it the safer
First you have to be a licensed electrician authorized to work on high voltage installations.
Second, you have to use suitable equipment [against arc flash, electrical shock protection and other] The stator windings presents a certain capacity and you have to discharge the accumulated electricity by using short circuiting devises
Sorry: using short circuiting devices

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