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Questions on Ideal gas

  1. Dec 16, 2006 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Unknown: Pressure

    V: 0.002 L
    n: 0.019 mol
    R: 8.31 (uh..any units here..?)
    T: 498 K

    2. Relevant equations
    PV= nRT

    3. The attempt at a solution
    For some reason, the units don't cancel out when I attempt to reach the solution when I try to get the Pressure. So what are the proper units that I need to get a proper answer? I know the answer should be in kPa, but the "K, mol, L" units don't cancel out......Help~
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    with the given units you need to use

    R=0.082058 L*atm*mol-1*K-1

    and convert atm to Pa where

    1 atm = 101325 Pa
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  4. Jan 22, 2007 #3
    small correction

    You forgot the period between the 1 and the 3 :P
    So its really 101.325 Pa

    bob1182006 I'm sure you already knew this, but I'm mainly saying it so Live_4Ever! won't get confused.
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    Not so! Bob has the conversion correct, 1 atm is about 1e5 Pa.
  6. Jan 23, 2007 #5
    Oh woops~

    Sorry, i misread the units that were used...i thought it said KPa. Thanks for the correction marcusl, and sorry about that bob1182006 :biggrin:
  7. Aug 21, 2011 #6
    Hi every1 there
    I've a qtn troubling me !
    A cylinder contains 2.0kg og Nitrogen at a pressure of 3.0x10^6 Pa and a temperature of 17 degrees ! What mass of nitrogen would a cylinder of the same mass contain at standard temperature and pressure?
  8. Aug 21, 2011 #7
    shouldn't you have posted this in your own thread?
  9. Aug 22, 2011 #8
    If I have 25 apples, how many apples would I have if I have the same number of apples as that?
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