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Questions on Nitinol Testing

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    Hi I am a highschool senior barely scratching the surface of Nitinol traingin and testing.
    I ham currently trying to train .037 Nitinol wire but I cant seem to train it. On one occasion I placed the mold in an already heated oven around 900F and left it in for 5 minutes. Upon removal I quenched it in cold water (i cant really say what the temperature of the water was). When i removed the wire from the mold it still proved tough to straighten and when I heated it to the critical temperature I did not resume it's trained shape. Did I over stress it? On another occasion I placed the mold in a 900F oven and had a friend remove it after 10 mins they did not quench it so it was left out cooling in room temperature for roughly 2 minutes, when I came to look at it it had cracked in 2 in the mold so i quenched it and have not done any further testing with it. Please if anyone has any insight as to what i am doing wrong that would be greatly appreciated
    Christina Channell
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