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Homework Help: Quick little short answer question about magnitude of force.

  1. Oct 28, 2009 #1
    1. A defensive lineman breaks through the line and flattens the quarterback. The magnitude of the force he imparts on the poor quarterback is (a) greater than (b) the same as (c) less than, the magnitude of the force the quarterback imparts on the defensive lineman.

    2. Not sure of any

    3. I really have no idea, I'm honestly just looking at the question and I can't seem to grasp what it's asking. I mean, is it as simple as it looks and it's just the same? I can't imagine he'd have put more force into the quarterback, as the line is obviously the harder part to get through. And the same with less, wouldn't that be risking the quarterback surviving the attack?
    I know very little about football or physics lol.
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    Welcome to the PF. Hint -- start with F=ma ...
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    So if his force is equal to his mass times acceleration, and his mass doesn't change and I'm guessing his acceleration after he breaks the line is the same as when he hit the line...the force would in face be equal? Sorry if I'm making myself look really stupid here lol.
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