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Radioactive detector

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    I am looking for a sensor that can sense radioactive particle. It will alert when the amount of the radioactive particle in air is high. I found many radioactive detector, but I need is the sensor in the detector.

    Can someone suggests for me this kind of sensor (as small as possible)?

    Hope:brand name and price!

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    Here is a list of Geiger tubes from LND inc (Oceanside, NY). I have used their smallest one a while ago. The smallest ones are less than 5.3 mm diameter. The larger ones are more efficient.
    Bob S
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    beside Geiger tube does any sensor can use to sense radioactive particle?I look for sensor as small as possible that I can fix it on my PCB.
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    Thanks! I will try this.
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    Depending on your application, perhaps you could use the radiation ionization chamber from a smoke detector. PCB mountable and all of about $7
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    The ionization-type smoke detector works on the basis of a very small ionization current created by a radioactive source inside the detector. Smoke ions in the air reduce the current in the chamber. So the two issues are 1) How sensitive is the ion chamber to radioactivity in the air if the radioactive source is removed, and 2) How difficult is it to convert the ionization current into a digital format? A good idea of the volume and current in ionization chambers can be obtained by looking at the design of pocket ionization chambers:
    On the other hand, the Geiger-Mueller tubes and PIN diodes have pulse outputs, and require minimal external electronics to interface to other circuits.
    Bob S
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