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Raft as a hovercraft

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    Use a raft as a hovercraft by using a pillow bladder type skirt. Installing a hard deck in raft and securing the skirt in center forming a pillow around outer edge of raft. Then placing 2 in. Holes in upper inside for air flow and lift? Can it work?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    What are you going to use for an engine and propeller system?

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    Thinking of a ducted fan with a controlled vent at the base of duct to direct some air flow for lift. Also add a check valve to keep air flowing in one direction. With a 15 hp eng. the deck dem. Are 5 feet by 12 feet I think it would only take 1.5 hp for a .5 in lift at a gross wt. of 350 lbs. and the rest for thrust.?
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    By starting with a raft my thought is keeping the craft light just hope it will be stable and not flip.
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    Try a Google search of 'hovercraft kit'.
    400 lb. gross takes an 8 to15 hp engine.
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