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Rare gases : calculating absorption by oscillator strength

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    I have some papers (I can give references if needed) giving the oscillator strength of rare gases for a given energy bandwidth and from those values, I would like to calculate their absorption in those bandwidth. However, I am a little bit lost in how to do it. I looked a bit around and found lots of references on how to do it but I am still confused.

    For exemple, in http://gausssum.sourceforge.net/GaussSum_UVVis_Convolution.pdf, the answer I need seems to be the equation 9. But with only data on the oscillator strength, how can I found ##{\Delta}_{1/2}{\nu}'## or ##{\nu}'_{i{\rightarrow}f}## ?

    I am not saying that the reference I used as an exemple is a good starting point and I would be glad to have a solid book reference for that.

    Thanks in advance and looking foreward for some help.

    PS: please forgive my english mistake, I am not fully comfortable in writting it.
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