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Homework Help: RC Circuit Problem

  1. Aug 3, 2007 #1
    Hello All,

    I'm having problem to solved the attached RC circuit.

    The initial conditions are: VC1(0)=V, VC2(0)=0, and the qeustion is what will be the VC2 after t1 (t1>>0)?

    but i always get VC2(t1)=V which is imposible.

    I'm solving it by using i=cdv/dt

    3. The attempt at a solution is as follows:


    I=I2+I3 (I2 is the current throgh the R2 and I3 is throgh C2)

    It/C1-VC1(0)=(I2+I3)/R1+VC2 -> (I2+I3)t/C1-VC1(0)=(I2+I3)R1+VC2

    This is the basic after that i'm putting I3=C2dVC2/dt and I2=VC2/R2

    I'm solving the equation and getting wrong answer of VC2(t1)=V.


    Thanks you


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  3. Aug 14, 2007 #2
    Another and much easier approach you may want to take is to find the time response, and find v(infinity), v(0+)
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