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Re - Asking My Questions

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    I have This Electrical Motor Used For Slitting Machine Recoiler For Slitting up to 2.5 mm Steel Sheets Coil :

    Electrical Motor :

    OutPut 110 Kw 150 HP 600 RPM

    80 VOLTS 213 Amper

    Constant Torque : 60 600 RPM
    Constant HP : 550 1800 RPM

    I want to know what are those meaning ... those datas I found it on the name plate of the electrical motor .

    Specially The Both Of (( Constant Torque )) And (( Constant HP ))

    The first time I observe this kind of specifications on a motor name plate

    Please send me your help as you can

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    http://www.usfirst.org/robotics/2002/Workshops/Pulleys_Belts_Savoie.ppt [Broken]
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