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Regarding Electric Motor / Torque

  1. Jun 10, 2009 #1
    Hi ppl,
    I have 2 queries.
    1. I have 2 electric motors of different companies. Details are Power : 1 Hp , Rpm : 1440, V : 440V , 3 phase. 1 Motor use high standard Bearings as well as maintain high quality stator & machine winding, 2nd motor is of filthy quality. I want to find out the effficiency & power factor of both the motors. I know about the formula HP= (V x I x n'eff x pf)/ 746 but then its just theoritical since Voltage is constant but current & efficiencies are variable.

    2. I couple this motor with a gearbox to produce an o/p of 100 rpm which is constant. Further I couple the o/p shaft of gearbox to a solid wheel of variable mass (total wt of wheel 3kgs & outer dia 67 cms) which rotates freely in the air (it doesnt act like flywheel) . I want to find as how many wheels can be fitted on the same shaft for particular HP of motor. Does finding torque required to drive 1 wheel help? If so then how?
    Plz Help
    Thanks in advance.
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