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Reaction force direction during reflection

  1. Sep 12, 2014 #1
    I have a simple question let's say object hits the wall at angle and reflect. Will reaction force from that impact exerted on wall be red line or green line ? ( I would like explanation why in each case)

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    So what will be the direction of reaction force?
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    How did the momentum of the object change from before to after the reflection?
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    To add to olivermsun, look specifically at the change in the horizontal momentum and the change in the vertical momentum. What does that tell you about the force?
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    Reflection and force direction

    Let's say object hits a wall. When the object is reflected does the direction of the force caused on the wall looks like the red arrow ? Does that direction depends on how "strong" object is reflected?

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    Yes, if the green arrows represent the momentum vectors of the object, before and negated after the collision.

    It depends on how the momentum of the object changes, just as your diagram shows.
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