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Reactions in the mechanic construction

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    I am trying to figure out reactions in the mechanic construction which is here http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v309/Andreii/nalogca.jpg" [Broken].
    Datas of construction are:

    L1 = 7.1m
    L2 = 1m
    L3 = 0.2m
    F = 2.8 kN = 2800N
    M = 1.3 kNm = 1300Nm (this is torque)
    p = 2.5 kN/m = 2500 N/m

    p is showed as a mass on the mechanic construction. As is showed on the picture, on the left part is 10p and on the right is 1p.
    I would like to do on the same way as i have tried and not on any other one. With fields, I mean that im cutting the construction on three different parts (look on the second and third link at the picture). N means interior axis force, M is torque (moment) and T is diagonal force.
    I checked several times my steps and I don't know why I don't get the correct result. Something is wrong in those reactions (setting them up) but not sure what. If someone could take time to check my steps please... and thank you for any information

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    In your moment with respect to support A, the p lever arm is wrong. It should be L1 + L2/2.
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    Cyclovenom I checked and this was mistake. Thank you, now i will know what is correct, so i won't do the same mistake again.

    Thank you
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