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  1. I do understand that we don't need a screen to view a real image, but why our eyes need to be far away from the lens than the image? Why can't we be exactly where the image would normally appear if we had a screen? Moreover, the image there is sharp because the rays converge exactly at that point, so it supposed to be the perfect location for us.
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  3. You can't see the image if it is too close to your eyes for the same reason you can't see an object if it is too close to your eyes. Your eyes won't be able to focus the image on your retina. If you could remove your retinas from the back of your eyeballs and use them as a screen than your idea would work. You can't do that, can you?
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    To put dauto's response another way, we can't put our eye exactly at the image location and expect to see it, for the same reason why we can't put the object right on the front surface of our eye (let alone inside the eye :yuck:) and expect to see it (at least not very clearly).

    Hold an object in front of your eye and slowly bring it in closer and closer. How close can you get it and still see clearly the fine details on it?
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