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Aerospace Rear mounted engines vs. front mounted for UAVs

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    What difference is there between the design of a UAV with a front-mounted engine and a UAV with a rear-mounted engine? can you just switch the placement of the engine and move the weight and fuselage around to fix the center of gravity to be able to fly efficiently and stably?
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    Two things...

    First, please go back to your first thread at the PF from Monday and respond to all of the people who have replied to your question. It is very impolite to post a question and abandon the thread with no reply after so many people are trying to help you there.


    Second, you should post what you have been reading about this subject when you ask a question here. I've locked this thread until you reply in the other thread, and please send me a private message (click on my avatar and start a Conversation) with links to your reading about this current question of yours. At that time I'll re-open this thread so you can post your links and continue the thread. Thank you.
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