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Recurring Science Misconceptions In K-6 Textbooks

  1. Apr 29, 2006 #1
    Doesn't look like crackpottery(when I first saw it looked like it was).
    It's a good list.
    Is it correct on all of things(the sight does amit that it's not 100% correct.)
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    That's a little weird, i'm taking a look now and a lot of the things they say are taught in K-6 books as incorrect were never taught to me in the incorrect form... The "better sound" through solids was never taught to us, we were taught it just traveled faster way the hell back then. Where does this guy live?
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    Doc Al

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    I've looked through much of that site a while back, thought it was mostly good stuff. Misconceptions passed along in introductory textbooks is a pet peeve of mine; Beatty shows plenty. (I vaguely remember there being one or two things I didn't like, but I can't recall the specifics.)
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    Claude Bile

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    I agree with Doc Al, some of his stuff is very good, a couple a didnt quite like, such as his explanation as to why the sky and the ocean is blue.

    I'm a bit surprised he didn't mention the fact that lasers are not purely monochromatic, yet he tried to tackle the topic of laser coherence.

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    I looked through his site last year and found that almost all his stuff was good. I don't remember if it was in there, but the first one I can think of is that "infrared and heat are the same thing." That got me confused for a while!
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    Claude Bile

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    The electricity misconceptions page is good too, I missed it the first time I visited the site.

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