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Redirecting Input and Output in C.

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    Is there a way you can redirect both input and output in a Windows operating system. The book I am using only explains how to do this in DOS. Thanks.
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    programm.exe < input.txt > output.txt
    Either enter that in a dosshell or modify the command of your shortcut
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    From the title of this thread, it seems that you want to redirect I/O inside a program written in C. To have input come from somewhere other that stdin (the standard input device) or go to somewhere other than stdout (the standard output device), look at file I/O in C.

    The basic idea for output is to open a file using fopen, write to it with fprintf or another file output function, and then close the file using fclose.

    For input you'll want to use fscanf or another file input function.
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    You can also input or output to a string using sscanf and sprintf. Very helpful when you use fgets and you don't want the carriage return character, imo
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    Thanks for the responses. I will try out what you posted. I want to ask another question. will learning how to use C streams be useful for programming a pic microcontroller and other engineering applications.
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