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Refraction : freq remains unchanged

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    this is my first post in this forum.
    i have a question :
    i have read that when light refracts into other medium its frequency remains unchanged but velocity and wavelength changes.

    there is a formula to it : v=n*lamda (v=velocity,n=freq,lambda=wavelength)

    Q1: why the freq remains unchanged ?

    Q2: is it true for all waves (like sound, etc ) ?

    thank you
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    YES.The frequency is determined by the source.By the vibration of those electrons,or by the specific transition which occurs inside the atom.

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    i am so glad that my question has been answered so fast. i have understood your answer. this is a great forum.

    i have some questions on social science, geography . will you please tell me some forum links where i could post questions on these topics. is there any forum like this which supports questions on social sc, geography,economis ?
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    Yes, the frequency means the cycles/sec , which as daniel said is determined by the source but the wavelength is the distance between two consecutive troughs/crests , when a light ray enters into the medium this length between crests/trough decreasses but the frequency remains the same. This happenes with all the electromagnetic waves and sound waves.
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    thanks doctor. thats very beautiful .
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    You can ask all your questions here.In this forum for "genetal physics" and in other specialized forums for other subjects.

    Welcome ot PF !!

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