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Relationship between charge carriers per unit volume and resistance

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    Why is the number of charge carriers per unit volume is inversely proportional to resistance?If there is more charges carrier, it doesn't increase the collision between free electron which causes in increase of resistance?sorry for my unclear concept of Electricity circuit.I hope there will be someone to help.:smile:
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    Are you confident about what is meant by 'inversely proportional'?
    More charge carriers will reduce resistance..... do you see it?
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    when the number of charge carrier per unit volume increase, the resistance decrease.Is that means inversely proportional?I dont understand why more charge carrier will reduce resistance @@ because it helps transferring charge?sorry i am really confused.
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    Also, is the lower the resistance, the higher the Drift Velocity?this also makes me confused.
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    Low resistance means that a high current can flow.
    Current is the amount of charge (charge carriers) flowing per second so basically more charge carriers means more current which means LOW resistance.
    This is a very much simplified explanation..... hope it helps
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    thx very much:)it helps a lot:)but if higher the drift velocity, is that mean low resistance?because if low resistance, the charged particles can pass through faster.
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