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Relative Velocity

  1. Apr 18, 2012 #1
    I've attached a drawing, simplified of the layout of the sytem i'm working on.
    I've figured out a function to give me the length of the beam 'x' for a given angle, easy enough, but i need to know the velocity that the end of the rotating beam moves relative to the lower fixed end, so the rate of change of 'x'.
    Now i know that the rotating beams angular velocity is ω=2.289 rad/s and a=1077625 and b=522600 and the length of the rotating beam is 1005mm, and the fixed part is 260mm. ω=2.289 rad/s

    Basically, there is a damper attached between the two points and i need to know the velocity it'll be moving at points of its rotation

    Any pointers would be great, i'm baffled!

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