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Relativistic Thermodynamics

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    Are there any relativistic thermodynamics book around or perhaps a physics review of this subject?
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    If you do Google search, you will be offered a website linked to the 'Journal of Theoretics'. Don't go there, it is crackpot rubbish.

    Try this

    5 Relativistic Thermodynamics of Gases. 14-Field Theory5 Relativistic Thermodynamics of Gases. 14-Field Theory.

    or this

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    Bob Wald's book "Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime and Black Hole Thermodynamics" would be a great place to start. There also seems to be a lot of activity at the moment into the application of the Ruppeiner and Weinhold metrics from standard equilibrium thermodynamics to black hole models - check the ArXiv for details.
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    Relativistic Thermodynamics.

    Can anyone plz tell me anything about Relativistic Thermodynamics in nanosystems??
    I need a brief description of such realistic nanosystems where relativistic thermodynamics is applicable.
    Is it also applicable for cosmological systems??
    Are there any research papers on this??
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    Relativistic Radiation.

    Thanks for ur answers..Now can anyone tell me anything about relativistic aspects of heat radiation,i.e. heat flow between any two bodies moving with relativistic velocities??Any real life examples of such phenomenon??Are there any research papers available on this topic...Thanking in advance..
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    There is a section in Relativity, Thermodynamics and Cosmology, by Richard C. Tolman, Dover Pub. It starts on page 118 and ends on page 164.

    Best wishes

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