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Relativity Questions

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    Hello, I have two physics problems I'm having difficulty with. Can someone help me?
    1) A shift of one fringe in the Michelson-Morley experiment would result from a difference of one wavelength or a change of one period of vibration in the round-trip travel of the light when the interferometer is rotated by 90°. What speed would Michelson have computed for Earth's motion through the ether had the experiment seen a shift of one fringe?
    2) Consider two inertial reference frames. When an observer in each frame measures the following quantities, which measurements made by the two observers must yield the same results? (Select all that apply.)
    the distance between two events
    the value of the mass of a proton
    the speed of light
    the time interval between two events
    Newton's first law
    the order of the elements in the periodic table
    the value of the electron charge

    Thank you for your help!!!
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    You have posted this on several different forums (though not, oddly enough, the relativity forum!). I suspect it belongs in the homework forum.

    These are very basic questions that you should be able to answer by reviewing the definitions in the first few pages of your text. In any case, give us some idea of how you have attempted to answer them and where, exactly you have difficulty.
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    I've moved the other thread to College Level Help.
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