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Homework Help: Reposted Thread: Help!

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    I'm doing a career project for my science class, and I chose quantum information science. One of the major requirements is to get an interview from a professional in the field. I have e-mailed about 5 or 6 scientists in the past 2 weeks, and have not (to my great dismay) recieved a reply.

    Are there any quantum physicists who know enough about quantum information science that they could answer a 6 questions about QIS??
    Evem just a bunch of people comming together and answering all the questions is FINE.

    I need this ASAP. Thanks a bunch.

    Here are the questions:

    1. What kinds of safety/special equipment is used by QIS scientists?

    2. What is the current status of the field? What is the level of availability for the job?

    3. Do you believe there will be various jobs in this field in the future? If so, why?

    4. What kind of salary range would one expect when applying for the position of a QIS scientist? What kind of job benefits are there?

    5. What is the typical day in a QI scientist’s work day like?

    6. What kinds of positions or branches of professional jobs in this field are there?

    I wasn't sure where exactly I should post this thread, so I posted it in the forum "quantum physics" and this one.
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    Research stuff online (use google), have very good and thorough results, then list a fake name for who you talked to.

    I did that on a college application and I got in
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    Sounds like the questions you would ask an employee in a car factory...
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