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Homework Help: Resistance of a wire coursework

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    For the resistance of a wire coursework, i have already done it based on experimenting with different lenghts against resistance. for the evaluation, i need to write an extension on the coursework: i have a few ideas already
    • Experimenting with other types of materials of wires to see if they follow the same pattern.
    • Find out if non-metallic conductors follow the same pattern as well.
    • Find out if there is a relationship with current, resistance and voltage. The experiment can be set up like the potentiometer circuit.

    the problem is that i need to come up with a mini-method for one of them, but im right confused on that, any ideas? it would also be great if its for the first bullet pint

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    you could try to use different resistors ie. 3 ohms, 5 ohms etc. Well you don't need to look for patterns and proportionalities as you could do that by looking at this formula V=IR
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