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Homework Help: Resonance in RLC series circuit

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    -Is the RCL circuit in resonant? Explain
    -Given that C is equal to 2X10-3F, find inductance, L.

    -Is fo equal to 1....because the maximum value in the graph at t=1?
    -from the graph,how to know that the graph is resonant or not?....can i say that because the current and the voltage reaches it peaks at the same instant ...that's y they are in phase = resonant ?

    please advice.

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    --- f0 is not equal to 1. It is the reciprocal of time at which the sine waveform repeats itself. From graph you can see the time period is 4 ms.

    --- your way of thinking is correct about a resonant circuit.
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    you meant the resonance frequency,fo = 1/T = 1/(4x10^-3) =250s^-1 ?
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