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Job Skills Resume advice for undergrad

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    I am currently going into my sophomore year majoring in physics. I am trying to get a job or volunteer position to gain some research experience and I am trying to make a resume, however, seeing as how I have no prior research experience, I was wondering what I should put on it.

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    Just put on any experience or skills you have. Most professors realize that undergrad students don't have any experience in research (if they did ,they likely wouldn't be undergrads), so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Include your program and level and courses taken.

    In my experience most jobs at that level are obtained by simply approaching and talking to professors. The CV is often just a formality (although that doesn't mean you shouldn't have it polished).
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    What Choppy said. How I got mine my sophomore year was through a program my university does called URAP (undergraduate research apprenticeship program). You can check to see if your university has something similar. The application didn't even ask for experience because the program is designed for people who don't have any. Everyone I had applied to had gotten back to me, and even though I wasn't a good fit, one of them called a friend of theirs and now I'm working for them. The only thing they really care about is that you got the basics done and have a fairly good GPA.
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