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Reverse diffraction

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    I am to give my first physics talk for a seminar class next week and I am looking for info on recent research done on the reverse diffraction phenomenon. Any links or thoughts would be appreciated. (Credible sources only please, as this is for a class).
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    Andy Resnick

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    You mean a time-reversed reflection?
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    I mis-wrote. I meant to put reverse refraction, referring to recent discoveries that certain materials can be forced to "bend" light the opposite way that a prism or some other object would normally be expected to.
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    The "standard" name being given to that is either "left-handed material" or "negative index of refraction", not "reverse refraction".

    I'm guess that this has caused many people to scratch their heads. Now that you have the standard name attached to this phenomenon, do you still not find anything when you google it?

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