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Homework Help: Right handed neutrino in SM

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    I am reading Mohapatra's book: "Massive Neutrinos in Physics and Astrophysics". At the beginning of chapter 7, it is sought expressions where the right neutrino was considered in the Electroweak Standard Model.
    Everything was fine until I found the expression [itex]\overline{N^c_{l'L}}\nu^c_{lR}=\overline{\nu_{lL}}N_{l'R}[/itex].
    Where [itex]N_{l'R}[/itex] is the right handed field associated with right handed neutrinos and the subsctipts [itex]l,l'[/itex] indicate the lepton flavors.

    Well, I'm trying to prove this, but I get stuck on the following expression:

    [itex]\overline{N^c_{l'L}}\nu^c_{lR} =\overline{\left(N_{l'L}\right)^c}\left(\nu_{lR}\right)^c
    = \overline{N_{l'R}}\nu_{lL}[/itex]
    And I'm assuming that they are Majorana neutrinos.

    To complete the test I should justify why the conjugate for the last expression can be taken and remain unchanged, someone could help?
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