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Insights Roger Babson's Anti-Gravity Contest - Comments

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    Very interesting. I enjoyed reading it. :oldsmile:
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    What an interesting legacy Roger Babson left!
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    Very interesting article - Just shows that humble, even discreditable, origins can have a commendable outcome.

    Talking about essay contests, anyone know when is the next FQXi essay contest is likely to be announced? I've been checking their site http://fqxi.org/ for months, but so far not a squeak (just a message saying "stay tuned")
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    What a fun Insight. Thank you for sharing.

    I believe that many laymen think that since science is supposed to be rational and logical, that science history should also be rational and logical; leaving a trail of little arrows all pointing in the direction of present knowledge. One could use this article as a grand example of the falsity of that belief.
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    That was a fantastic read!
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    Glad you all enjoyed.
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    OwlHoot, not sure about that one, but AIP has a physics essay contest going on: http://scitation.aip.org/aip/magazine/physicstoday/info/physics2116/
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