Rotating black hole interiors take 2

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I have a couple of questons about the black hole interior models of Poisson and Israel While formulated in terms of charged black holes, similar models are expected to apply to rotating black holes.

1) What is the interior metric? Am I correct or even close in thinking that using Schwarzschild coordinates, g^00 = 1-2m(r)/r, where m(r) goes to infinity as one approaches the inner horizon (the Cauchy horizon) and that this increase in m(r) is what the authors mean by "mass inflation"? I'm finding the paper a bit hard to follow.

2) What is the fate of someone falling into such a Poisson-Israel black hole. Do they get spaghettified as per (My guess is no). Do they get fried by infinite radiation at the inner horizon? (My guess is yes). But I'd really rather not have to guess.

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