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Rudy Vaas paper time before time

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    Olias something odd happened just now, I glanced down the menu
    and thought I saw where you had started a thread on the new
    Rudy Vaas paper "time before time"
    and then I went away and did something about supper and fetched
    the mail in from the mailbox and when i looked again I couldnt
    find the thread.

    was that a mirage? or did you actually start a thread about
    "time before time"
    http://arxiv/org/physics/0408111 [Broken]
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    Marcus a quick search reveals link you had mentioned.

    I notice something like this going on yesterday. I quoted Russell Rierson on the question of sonoluminece. Unfortunately I did not get the thread link but I did get the date. Bringing Arivero's thread back was another case in point. I guess our mentors are throwing in threads for further consideration?

    Anyway here is quote from link Olias supplied in that circumstance.

    From Time beforeTime

    Now back to his current link.
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    I had started a thread, no doubt the removal of it must have been admin?..because of a policy to 'proof-read' posters with certain criteria? :cool:

    Only somebody with a capacity of admin..mentor..can make or remove postings. There may be offered an excuse of teething problems due to current re-structuring of P Forum?..or there may be a ghost-in-the-machine ? if so lets call him Sonny :smile:

    Of course there may be two Ghosts, therefore we may call them Eric & Morcombe?..Two Sunshine Boys? :smile: :smile:
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    Thanks Sol, the paper of Time Before Time caused me to read through fully, although I had downloaded the Rovelli et-al paper also, once I started reading, I could not stop, this set me mind to focus on a number of aspects of Spacetime, space and time observations I had been pondering lately, I fell asleep while pondering!

    I have got to read through (thoroughly) the Rovelli paper, along with a number of other pending papers.
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    I think not IMO. I think it was a mental lapse on my part. I forgot which forum I had seen it in and just lost track of where it was----so I couldnt find it, and then later I could.

    in this case i do not believe it had to do with the PF board but rather with
    my having a bit of overload on my own part :smile:

    anyway thats over.
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