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Homework Help: Satellite Problems

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    We just started the chapter on circular motion. I am trying to find the velocity of a satellite 3600 km above earth. I came up with v= square root of (g)(Mearth/R). Is this correct? I tried V= 2(pie)R/T, but that didn't give me the correct answer.
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    Yes, that is correct. Keep in mind that you need the radius in that equation, not the height above the Earth. You need to add the radius of the Earth to your altitude.
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    Thank you so much!
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    and also, if I wanted to find the force between the earth and the satellite, would i use the equation for Force Centripital or Force of Gravity?
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    Think about it... Didn't you just state before that both equations are equal?
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    o i see... thanks!
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