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Scared of aerospace engineering

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    I have been extremely interested in aerospace engineering and am considering to take it in college. I currently go to community college and if i do not have the interest i have no motivation which makes everything go downhill. Should i be worried that something will make me lose my motivation to continue? Because I hear it is a very very difficult degree to obtain. I love this stuff so I guess i shouldn't worry so much but is it this major really that difficult or can it be just like any other major? (which i hope)
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    Any engineering or science discipline is going to be challenging, and Aerospace Engineering is no exception I am sure.

    What you are really asking is, "Do I like Aerospace Engineering enough to justify all of the personal sacrifices it will take to obtain a degree in this discipline"? Only you can answer this question.

    If you do not have a strong background in math and science, it will be more difficult, but that just means that you will need to pace yourself and understand that you can't make it up all in one semester. How much prep work do you think you will need? Again, only you can answer this.

    My suggestion is to talk to some Engineering advisers at your school of interest. Get a feel for what you will need to qualify for admittance into the program. (Engineering schools typically have minimum prerequisites that you must pass before admitting you into the school).

    You could also consider getting an internship. The fact is, if you really want it there are lots of people out there that are willing to help you. But you have to put the work in and there are not shortcuts. You can't fake Engineering like you can other disciplines.
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