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School and Astronomy

  1. Aug 30, 2003 #1
    Have any of you been to a High School which had an Astronomy class or even a Telescope?

    They should teach Astronomy more in High School, since their computer classes seem to be lacking.

    I know I've never heard of a high school in real life, that taught Astronomy.
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    High schools here do not teach astronomy but I guess IB physics course may includes astronomy as part of the syllabus. I know some schools here do own telescopes. (my school doesn't :frown:) Some universities here offer astronomy courses and training programmes for high school students and I joined two last year.

    I think if you want to learn more about astronomy, you can join some astronomy organizations in your country/region. Or you can read magazines or books. If you have any question, PF is always a good place to ask.
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