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  1. Jul 5, 2003 #1
    why SCSI HDD is more expensive than IDE HDD? The capacity and spinning speed are the same, but price varies.
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    The capacity and r.p.m. may be the same, but SCSI transmits the data faster, hence the larger price.
    (edit: Also, I believe, RAID capability is usually incorporated with SCSI.)

    You often need an additional adapter card as well, since most motherboard manufacturers don't include SCSI capability except for servers.
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    SCSI is faster. But you should try S-ATA, I heard it really rocks....
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    scsi is more flexible then ide. you can only have 4 ide drives in a system vs. 15 scsi drives in a system, which can be important in a server or a graphic workstation. one reason why servers use scsi is that is one of the hard drives goes, you can keep doing what ever it was you were doing and replace the drive without turing off the systen, and with a good backup program program you lose very little data
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    You can do that with IDE as well, Raid 5 - Stripe set. This feature is not a part of scsi hard drives, but may be a part of the scsi controller card depending on what you buy.

    I personally have not seen an IDE drive spinning at 10k rpm. 7200 is the fastest I have used.

    As far as the 4 device IDE limit, you can buy IDE expansion cards that allow you more devices.

    SCSI is faster than a normal IDE drive...I have not seen any S-ATA devices, I'll have to go check that out
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