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Seeding the atmosphere with aluminum oxide: A good idea?

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Let's assume for the moment that beyond any doubt, global warming is real. Does this offer a viable solution to reduce global warming? Could this create another environmental disaster by loading the biosphere with aluminum oxide [apparently the preferred choice to be used in jet fuel].

    The details are clearly outlined in U.S.
    Patent #5,003,186 at the following link.
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    General comment: if the life expectancies of house plants, tropical fish, terrrarium biota, and the like in the care of "the experts" were a matter of public record, I might be more inclined to take the ideas they propose seriously --- they ain't, I'm not, and my experience has been that life expectancies of plants and fish are inversely proportional to the number of "expert" recommendations implemented in care and feeding of same.

    That said, the "engineering" approach to remedies for environmental concerns is not something I'd encourage --- "let's try this, and if it doesn't work, or screws things up worse, we should be able to fix it by adding that stuff over there."
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    Every movement has affect on something. The alteration of a nudge on a wheather pattern created by developement over hundreds of years, heat realease do to fossil fuels, removal of trees and other natural growth, the wiping out of great portions of algae in the oceans have all set things in motion. Ever increasing human populations, and the insataible unconcious/concious expression of greed that consumes the world. It cannot be fixed by a bandaid.
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    Well Aluminium has been associated with http://www.alzheimers.org.uk/Facts_about_dementia/Risk_factors/info_aluminium.htm [Broken]. So the cure may be worse than the problem. Why not paint all the roofs white. That would help as well.
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